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Lola Nieto, the Best Dance Teacher!

 We all want our weddings to be special, from the décor, food services to the dance. Your first dance with your significant other is the ‘to die for moment’. It is those memories that you cherish for the rest of your lives.

Can you dance? If not, don’t worry no need to panic, you can still learn. So how do you learn within the short time and become a dancer? Well, you learn it form the best dance teacher, Lola Nieto. She provide courses for first wedding dancers who are a couple.

Her love of music and dance has made her be the best dance teacher. Well to many, one may think it is just a dance, but is more than that, it is one among the things the couple will ever decide to do together. It is also the first thing you will do as newlyweds. That is why she is very patient and start with some simple routines. She teaches how to create intimacy in a dance for the couple.

It is a good routine to keep you fit before the wedding. It also keeps you relaxed from the wedding responsibilities and planning.

Lola is organizing dancing groups for Valentine's day with the help of - this could be a perfect gift for your half - contact us for information. Read more...

Carlton John, Video Photographer

I am Carlton John,42 years old from New York. Being a video photographer, I have majorly categorized in wedding video business for a period of 15 years. I have attended many wedding but one of them happened to be my favorite video and have been watching it most of the time. It so happened that one chilly morning I was to be part of a wedding as a photographer which has also been my job, I prepared effectively so that I may not be late to capture all the areas including all the activities that happen before the major the look of things I knew it was going to be a good day for everyone who attended the wedding especially the bride and the groom. There was some kind of order that I noticed which was different from the ones that I have attended.

 The church was decorated with all the petals that one can collect from a florist, this was beautiful, I wondered as I stare at them and even forgot my work at some point. The reception was in order as early to avoid rushing. I took videos as the guest came in one by one in their best clothes that I believed they had purchased just for this particular special wedding. Everyone was looking good including the old. The theme color of the wedding was red and yellow, the chosen colors were perfect according to me and I realized that everyone liked it from their bright faces, this was the best gift one could wish for on her special day.