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Courses; showing an open scrapbook

i-create short courses

These quick and easy online courses have been specially designed to help you develop the skills you need to succeed when you’re trying to get work.

You can choose between video-building or word-based fun activities to play on line, or download a refresher to play on your pocket PC when you need a reminder of the new skills you’ve learnt.

Delivering a sales pitch A young craftsman makes unique fixtures and fittings, which he sells to individuals and small businesses. Now he wants to expand and sell on a larger scale to bigger enterprises.

Coping with rejection A young performer is auditioning for a job. Her audition is unsuccessful. Watch how she reacts to this news. What might the consequences of her reaction be?

At what price? A young artist has someone interested in her work. It’s not easy to put a price on creative work. What should she say to negotiate a fair price?