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Carlton John, Video Photographer

I am Carlton John,42 years old from New York. Being a video photographer, I have majorly categorized in wedding video business for a period of 15 years. I have attended many wedding but one of them happened to be my favorite video and have been watching it most of the time. It so happened that one chilly morning I was to be part of a wedding as a photographer which has also been my job, I prepared effectively so that I may not be late to capture all the areas including all the activities that happen before the major the look of things I knew it was going to be a good day for everyone who attended the wedding especially the bride and the groom. There was some kind of order that I noticed which was different from the ones that I have attended.

The church was decorated with all the petals that one can collect from a florist, this was beautiful, I wondered as I stare at them and even forgot my work at some point. The reception was in order as early to avoid rushing. I took videos as the guest came in one by one in their best clothes that I believed they had purchased just for this particular special wedding. Everyone was looking good including the old. The theme color of the wedding was red and yellow, the chosen colors were perfect according to me and I realized that everyone liked it from their bright faces, this was the best gift one could wish for on her special day.

The groom arrived with his men in style, they were in their well-tailored 6 piece suits. They took their seats as everyone This was awesome, I said to myself as I realized that the camera was capturing the beautiful, well dressed bridesmaid with full make up alighting from the vehicle that was parking right in front of the church, they alighted with the support of the grooms’ men who showed them the way inside the church. They danced gracefully towards the altar without confusion or anyone missing a step. I heard faint voices from the guests that the bride. I rushed with my video camera to welcome the convoy of vehicles, surprisingly, they were all red cars with yellow petals on them. This was thoughtful and I knew it had taken them a lot of time to prepare for the wedding.

The bride had arrived in style that no one had thought of. She took all her time to walk to the alter, all concentration was on her, this was the moment of her life that she had waited for in a very long time. She was received by her husband to be in just 10 minutes. Vows were made and they headed to the photo session where they took many of them and later joined other visitor to the reception where they were served a sumptuous meal which was prepared wholeheartedly. The cake cutting session arrived and everyone was waiting for the big cake to have a taste, funny enough there were crows on the branches of the tree, as the cake was being cut they flew down in large numbers and destroyed it. People tried chasing them but their efforts were futile. That was so funny because nobody ate the cake which they salivated for. They were given presents of all types by their relatives and could not believe that it happened so fast than I knew, time was moving and it was now time for departure. Everyone was satisfied with everything that happened, truly this was my most favorite wedding video that I have taken as a photographer. How I wished all my photography days could be like this particular one.