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We all want our weddings to be special, from the décor, food services to the dance. Your first dance with your significant other is the ‘to die for moment’. It is those memories that you cherish for the rest of your lives.

Can you dance? If not, don’t worry no need to panic, you can still learn. So how do you learn within the short time and become a dancer? Well, you learn it form the best dance teacher, Lola Nieto. She provide courses for first wedding dancers who are a couple.

Her love of music and dance has made her be the best dance teacher. Well to many, one may think it is just a dance, but is more than that, it is one among the things the couple will ever decide to do together. It is also the first thing you will do as newlyweds. That is why she is very patient and start with some simple routines. She teaches how to create intimacy in a dance for the couple.

It is a good routine to keep you fit before the wedding. It also keeps you relaxed from the wedding responsibilities and planning.

At the beginning, Lola Nieto and the couple discuss on the best dance routine for the wedding and what would fit perfectly around your requirements. She also takes into considerations what the bride and the bridegroom will be wearing and the accessories before choosing a dancing routine. She ensure you chose your favorite song and she comes up with a dance routine that is comfortable to the couple

She offers variety of packages, from basic lessons to mastering your own routine and the best about all this, she is affordable! She ensures you will not be embarrassed on your own wedding instead you will be the star. she also offer dancing routines in the comfort of your own home especially for those who are a bit shy and are not comfortable among people.

As I mentioned earlier she is patient with her students, she is also friendly and encourages and inspires you to dance. She is not scary at all. She is a fully trained dancer and has specialized in dancing, making her the perfect person to teach you. She works with the given time and tries to bring out the dancing skills in you.

The dancing schedules are flexible. She knows as a couple you are a bit busy with the wedding plans, job, and wedding plans. Yes I know I said it again. But sometimes wedding planning can be overwhelming, and that is why you can arrange the prefect time that both you and your fiancée are available.

She also goes the extra mile and give you some tips on making the dance even much better. She ensures that before the wedding, you will dance on the venue with at least the shoes you will wear in the wedding. You may be a good dancer but with bad shoes, you may end up dancing poorly.

Lola Nieto guarantees a Story for hard beginning with a happy end :).