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General resources

» Positively Diverse! Conference - Evaluation Report The Positively Diverse! Conference was held in Manchester on 11 November 2004 and attended by one hundred and thirty four delegates from over 50 organisations. The conference, hosted by Media Training North West, was funded by the European Union through the Equal Fund and its aim was to explore how to make the media industry more diverse in every way and to look at where the industry is now in terms of diversity.
» Positively Diverse! Conference - Evaluation Report Summary Summary of evaluation of the Positively Diverse! conference held in Manchester in November 2004.
» The Games Industry in the North West This report, which provides a snapshot picture of the games industry, was produced for a partnership of organisations developing The Game Plan training project to encourage entrants from disadvantaged groups into employment in the games sector in the North West region.
» Women in Games Industry - Phase 1 First report by Lizzie Haines on research commissioned by Media Training North West through The Game Plan initiative, aimed at addressing issues surrounding the involvement of women in the digital gaming industry. Phase 1 focusses on gathering and collating existing evidence in this sub-sector and indicates the information gaps to be explored in Phase 2.
» Why are there so few women in games? Based on consultation with people working within the games industry, and related fields, this report aims to address some of the knowledge gaps identified in the first report, 'Women in the games industry - Phase 1' and to make recommendations on the ways forward to encourage wider involvement within the ever-expanding digital games sub-sector.
» Equal iCi At a Glance Description of Equal iCi project, its' aims and objectives and achievements so far in 2002/3003.
» Work Music Italian Partnership Project Summary
» Effervescence avant le Spectacle La Venerie and partners consider the future training and employment of performing arts stage technicians in Brussels...