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Abi Atkinson

North West

Abi Atkinson is a short guerilla filmmaker and aspiring Cinematographer/Director. Recently graduating in 2005 with a 1st class honours degree in Audio Visual Media with Journailsm. She is organised, friendly and professional by nature, highly creative and technically able with a visual flair for composition and image. Interested in new technologies and strongly influenced by Experimental/ art cinema film theorists and practitioners. Abi’s aim is to work on feature films, documentaries (specifically wildlife) and TV dramas. A freelance short filmmaker; camerawoman, camera assistant, editor and production assistant as well as studying for an MA in experimental film. She has excellinent communication skills and a passion for photography, specifically fashion photography and would love to travel and record her findings and develop her sign language and French speaking skills.

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HUSH 2008, Prod Co-ord


Production Co-ordinator on a low budget thriller feature film made by Warp X/Fear Feactory in conjunction with Film4, UK Film Council, EM Media & Optimum Releasing; distributer - Pathe International Sales. Shot in and around Sheffield and at Moreton Film College Aug-Sep 2007.

List of portfolio

  1. HUSH 2008, Prod Co-ord

  2. MA Experimental Film

  3. Freelance Work

  4. 'Bones' Production Stills

  5. Corporate & Community Work

  6. My Films

  7. Photography

  8. Gallery

  9. Animation Stills

  10. Experimental

  11. More Production Stills