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Introduction; showing several scattered photos

The Cultural and Creative Industries employ nearly 2 million people in the UK, making it a fast and growing industry that is vital to the economy of the UK. However, the simple facts are that women, the disabled and the BME (black and minority ethnic) community population are not fairly reflected in the employment, ownership, company formation and wealth distribution of these industries in the UK.

The business case is simple. The diverse organisation will always out-perform the homogenous one. For creative businesses to remain competitive, it is therefore essential that they embrace diversity in all its forms, including better representation of minority groups at every level.

This site aims to address the current situation by providing a unique directory of highly talented diverse creatives from different cultural industries. You can buy directly from the creatives, thereby helping to establish their businesses or you can employ them in some way in your organisation.

The site will help employers to diversify their workforce and increase the number of BME, disabled and women professionals working in the industry, overcoming the obstacles that employers have in finding talent, and leading to a more representative workforce.